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Diving in Königshain

Foto: diver, „Korallenwächter“
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Currently no diving date offered!

The quarry is located in a natural reserve area, visitors have to behave accordingly and have to pay attention to the following:

  • Staying over night is forbidden!
  • The use of the own car is limited and has to be allowed by the diving club. The cars should be left on the public parking lot.
  • Parking on the neighbouring ground is strictly forbidden. Drive only at walking speed on the forest track! Disregarding of these rules immediately leads to the order to stay away from the quarry.
  • Diving is possible on the mentioned dates. Anyway, a notification to the diving club 14 days in advance is necessary, because the area is locked and the parking and the transport of the equipment have to be organised.
  • Meeting point is the public parking lot (rail way station Königshain).
  • There is a fee of 8 Euro per diver per day.
The listed items are only a short summary of the most important rules, please also pay attention to the detailed Code of Behaviour at the Quarry and the Rules of Diving.